The Butterfly Effect

Like a song bird, sang to me sweet nothings that lead to sin.

Build me up, so that i will never fall again.

Like ice, cool my heat to balance out my wins. So that I can remain humble with no need to pretend.

The sun dims the light of the moon, but yet the moon still lights the night.

It’s the hype, that leads us to believe the smaller light isn’t as bright.

Just like sand holds the Ocean back, but still can be consumed.

Or how a single pebble can plug a whole in a dam that has been ruined.

It’s takes something small to feed something big.

Like a single idea can turn into an empire.

A dream can change the minds of the uninspired.

Love can influence all to do what another desires.

The list goes on, small things cause a ripple effect in every ones life.

It’s unpredictable how a plan can be diminished or successful by the simple smallest conside.

Be honest, world.

Be true, love.

Be clear, heart.

Peace & Love Always.

By: J. Peters 🌻


Game of Truce


They say those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind…
In total honesty,
People will leave you with nothing, then come back and snatch that nothing, just because it is still in fact something.
In contrary belief, its really what matters to that said person, that defines what is nothing or something.
What is valued or taken for granted, depends on who cares the less not the most.
It all goes without saying everything and everybody are capable of being used or users.
Used until you are dust waiting for the wind to pick up.
Poisonous kind of greed that manipulates loves plead.
Constantly loving you just to hate you and cause mistakes.
And constantly hating you, just to love what reflects their inner fools.
Tied hands living for the puppeteer’s entertainment of the unamused.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Lady in the Smoke


The grind
Ease my mind
Patience takes time
But does it have to move so slow. Looking behind me only reopens the wounds that have tortured my soul.
Another morning full of memories reaped while the present time sows newer needs.
Inhaling the past and exhaling the newest pleads.
Today brings the beginning of another you.
In the grey zone, its time I walk the path of few.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Let Me In


I make you laugh,
but you rather have what makes you frown.
Eyes wet you chase after love that can’t be found.
Holding onto what dangerously pulls you down.
Give a fuck about what others are thinking now.
I’m just trying to offer a chance to love you down.
Replace the pain with a pleasurable sound.
But you rather have what makes you frown.
Eyes wet you chase after love that can’t be found.
Forever banking on chance,
Hoping that’ll you’ll make something temporary last.



If you walk in the shoes of fate,
it’ll lead you straight to the disaster,
But if you walk your own path and let fate takes it own course,
you’ll succeed in your quest of learning your self, loving your soul, and prospering.
Every path is different what you’re meant to learn is not always,
what your willing to lose,
but what is required in order for you to gain.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



You can tell a lot about a person just by how they talk,
See more when you have less to limit your thoughts.
How slow is a person who’s perception is a blurr.
Living day to day in fear
thee maybe is worse than the truth
Anticipating the worse for greater use.
Where to go when your heart is less amused.
People huddle to talk about another, fueling their inner fuel.
To belittle one shows your truth, lewd ego stroke from another’s doom.
It’ll just leave you catching the fire of their bad karma soon.
Be careful what you put out there to grab.
Detox your mind of toxic trash,
Positive motion is needed to prevent a crash.
Living through the stormy past.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



Do you see what you’re taught to see?
Or what you want to see?
The illusion is a mass deception,
a boxed mind that only teaches you to follow.
Repetitive learning,
leaving discovery untouched.
To repeat, repeat
Only to find the same thing,
the exact same thing
two ways.
Embrace new knowledge and find new things.
Learn what is hidden or turned away.
What’s given so freely, comes with a price.
Accept individuality as your next escapade in life.
By: jasmine aka beyondalleyes