Lotus Luck

​Haters love when you respond to their bitter words.

It’s their only accomplishment.

  They feel like they won something.

 They feel as if your response is confirmation of their hateful words.

But in reality you’re just annoyed with someone constantly trying to shit on your life.

Like a conniving neighbor whose dog loves to shit in only your yard.

One wrong step can damper your day..

Haters love to see you miserable, as if you could feel what they feel regularly

Fortunately for you,

 It’s nothing more than a temporary mood change.

While you’re still building & winning! 

They’re still plottin’ and scheming on your  downfall.

Stay gold,

Stay smart

Stay blessed

Peace & LOVE Always

by meee…jasmine




We grew apart,
I learned things change, but people never do.
They just work for better and try to do better.
Conforming to what society says is right and avoiding what society says is wrong.
Tradgey changes morals,
Trauma changes values,
Love changes lifes perception,
Opportunities changes outlook
Money changes lifestyle,
Hate changes choices,
Pain changes loyalty, and
Power changes respect given.
People are who they are point blank.
They can work on bettering theirselves or become what others feel they should be.
Individuality vs status quo…
Regardless of it all we grew apart,
Sun shine no longer strengthens me, I prefer the garden.
Like a water lotus I rather wander freely unbothered.
Going with the flow of forevers nothing.
Leave me where I went.
Don’t come for me, it’ll be time terribly spent.
Goodbye is only hard when hello was a surmised promise in our lies.
Tomorrow is neither yours or mine.
No more can we deny, the truth that veiled our eyes.