The Butterfly Effect

Like a song bird, sang to me sweet nothings that lead to sin.

Build me up, so that i will never fall again.

Like ice, cool my heat to balance out my wins. So that I can remain humble with no need to pretend.

The sun dims the light of the moon, but yet the moon still lights the night.

It’s the hype, that leads us to believe the smaller light isn’t as bright.

Just like sand holds the Ocean back, but still can be consumed.

Or how a single pebble can plug a whole in a dam that has been ruined.

It’s takes something small to feed something big.

Like a single idea can turn into an empire.

A dream can change the minds of the uninspired.

Love can influence all to do what another desires.

The list goes on, small things cause a ripple effect in every ones life.

It’s unpredictable how a plan can be diminished or successful by the simple smallest conside.

Be honest, world.

Be true, love.

Be clear, heart.

Peace & Love Always.

By: J. Peters šŸŒ»


Mind Over Matter


I guess you’re never really comfortable.
No matter the situation.
Comfort is only temporary,
There is always a bill, a cold, a break up, a make up, a new person, a new situation, old habits, new habits.
Comfort is your minds way of showing content with temporary satisfaction until a new test, a new lesson, a new eye opener presents itself to take you out of the routine you have been living day to day.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Unlimited is the lies of the world,filled with close minded fools . Those who believe only what they can see.
As if their other senses are just there for basic needs.
Common sense flees most minds, leaving the clueless like sheep.
Minds unconscious, following the wolves lead.
Those who can’t think for their selves fall into trances unseen.
Only their soul seems to bleed the need for relief.
Protect your mind what’s seen can’t be unseen.
A photo tells a thousands words of what it wants you to think.
Look beyond the Forrest and you’ll see trees.
Look beneath the oceanĀ  water and you’ll see another world beautiful beyond belief.
Energy unbottles, the miracles of life.
So positive or negative is a choice of strive.
Its always more to learn, so perceive the truth.
Widen your view and believe in you.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes