Wise Jonesing

I close my eyes so that I can see,

Hold my breath so that I can breathe.

Mute my ears so that I can learn to believe.

I possess an unbinding faith in my conciousness to connect with the divine, so that my ancestors and I can link.

Prioritizing my thoughts so that i can think.

Feeling my way through life as if its fierce heat are mere warnings and its suffocating tensions are only lessons.

Smelling the sweetness inside the burnt ashes of many blessings and messages.

I weigh my options by seeking a truth that only unravels within itself.

A truth that can only be felt and dealt.

A truth that delivers me knowledge with age and peace like a monk, messiah, and the help craves.

It be my own dismay that limits my abilities through doubt and scattered things.

Speak of me, with a tongue that is cleansed with sacred water & honey dipped Alstroemeria untaint.

With words too powerfully innocent for the faint.

Hear my cries so that my pain is not in vain.

So that my woes don’t drive me insane.

Align my path with aster flowers as I walk, so that my heart and presence can be felt before I am sought.

Be I the clear quartz healer of the broken and the Black Tourmaline to your enemies unjust evil unspoken.

Be loud, eyes.

Be silent, lies.

Be peaceful, love.

Peace and love always!

J. Peters



Y’all ever have an,

‘Is it worth it?’ moment?

Like, should I say this or

Should I bite my tongue?

And if i choose to do so, in the end is it really worth the hurt, the embarrassment, the effort, or losing what was never there to begin with..

I don’t know… it’s like the more I think about it, the heavier it gets.

It weighs down my options until I either speak on it or ignore it…

So damn complex…

Nailed Shut

It’s the heat of hell that gets to you,

Digging at your inner peace and rocking your core to explode so that the stress you carry can be written.

It’s the cry of venom that is lethal to the life of plenty.

Truth scarring their skin like a concrete burn that rips skin until the meat of your arm shines brightly and thinly.

Watch what you say because words and feelings are the only thing that ever remains after change.

Mute is the cry of the fallen angels that soar through the sky’s looking for an enemy.

Confusion is the souls that don’t no where to go so they choose to lay within the black goo that absorbs the lies of the envied.

To feel helpless is to feel a fear that can only be empty.

A timeless pain that can only confine us.

Be at ease all..

Love and light..

J. Peters


Never forget your value while trying to prove to an unloyal person that your loyalty has no boundaries.

As women our strength is in how we love.

How our voices can heal the wounded souls of the broken unloved.

Do you value the way he treats you or what you can get?

Is your relationship based off of passionate sex or the need to forgive?

See some relationships are based on forgiveness and toleration.

To teach you what it means to be undeserving and patient.

But, be humble to the fact that love can cause you to have unrealistic expectations.

Which lead to you accepting false love from a person that has never known real love or deprecating love unaquainted.

Be easy, heart.

Be true, world.

Be loud, mind.

Peace & Love Always.

By: J. Peters πŸ’


It’s a drug to us all..

Pain is..

Its the only thing that makes us want.

It’s the only thing that makes us desire.

Like a lone woman watching a goose swim across a lake with her baby ducks trailing her and mimicking her pace and ways.

It’s only then the woman feels the pain of a loss that has no name.

Like a little girl playing jump rope to the sound of a faint 1, 2, count or

Like a little boy running for a touch down as his dad screams from the stands hoarsely ‘ run Champ’, it’s only then that the old admires the youth.

The freedom to not stress about adult things.

The freedom to be yourself beyond what others may think.

All begins and ends after youve felt pain.

After you’ve fallen into a hole where you can no longer pretend to be the same.

Be blessed, life.

Be quick, mind.

Be clear, heart.

Peace & Love Always

By: J. Peters πŸ’Ž

Dark As Night

My thoughts pour chaos into the background of my mind like a drive thru movie.

Seeing the bad for what it is and the good for what it wasn’t.

Remembering a time of laughter and unheard of jokes that seem to soften my eyes in past pictures.

My past memories began transforming into an undying wish for old times to rewind once again.

I climb high above my ambitions , only to fall in a pit of weary and skeletons unmentioned.

Yes we all have something to hide, something to reveal, something to deny.

But shouldnt we all walk with our head held high regardless of our position?

Shouldnt we all play ghost and live in disguise, while ignoring others heartbreaking existence?

Like over processed hair frail, stressed, and over conditioned.

We must learn to let go, regrow, and minimize the amount of weightless thinking we do without action and consistence.

We can be more than our mistake or we can let our mistake reshape and mold us into fear, frustration, and dismay.

Self depracating what success we achieve, because we are conditioned to find the NO and bad in everything.

Would you live for another’s big break?

Making someone else a millionaire while you work your life away?

Excusing the hate that brews from lack of love, is like calling one a racist because they describe what each race of people look like and does.

Just like caviar on a Ritz or box wine drunk in a throw away cup i bought from Cosco for 99 cents,

I am an acquired taste for the fancy, meek, and hardly ever missed.

As rare as a crystal that grants the wishes of truth.

I am but a girl whose fire matches her passion and truth.

Be woke world.

Be solid, voice.

Be rare, thoughts.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters 🦁

Clear Shot

I do it

because it has to be done, not because I want to do it.

Like working daily to survive on low funds, just to keep your life construed.

I listen

because God gave us two ears so that we can hear the truth in a lie.

So that we can hear the I love you in a mute goodbye.

If everyone lost their way, then what path would we turn to?

You all can be guided by what another says to be true, id rather be condemned for walking beyond the group.

Yearning for more than another’s limited ways.

They say the youth is free and the old are contained.

So let’s run threw the flowers in May and suckle the sweet flowers honey away.

Can you count on yourself to take care of you?

When no ones looking, who are you?

What change can you bring that will silence mute cries?

Like a drunkard at a bar, unlawfully beyond the limits, but still will unashamedly deny it.

Be loose like hair in the wind and completed like a symphony written by some powdered wig man.

Forever tempted to be a mimosa to your weekend binge.

Be loud, voice.

Be direct, thoughts.

Be honest, heart.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters πŸ˜‡

Butterfly Moon

I’m a fool to think that butterflies have wings to be free.

How limited are they,

To only fly with the wind in May?

They paint a picture of evolution and transformation.

Only to stay the same once they have changed formation.

To go in as a worm and come out as a art piece, too peculiar to imitate even by a grain.

From eating and crawling to flying and eatting, still, all the same.

Graciously watching the circles that loop them back into doing what they know to be their change .

Why does a butterfly grow wings just to live the same?

It’s life all in one study,

Its explains how people can request change, but still choose to live in the comfort of their woes and pain.

Why does one change for the better, until shit get rough, then go back to the comfort they once loathe?

Be I, you, we, he, she, be us all,

Just a figment of A Viceroy butterfly living amongst Monarchs?

That would make me a Blue Morpho, indifferent with a ineffable spark..

STICKING OUT amongst a Kaleidoscope that’s untamed.

May we all see the same picture ,but feel a different way….

Be free, world.

Be quiet, eyes.

Be open, heart.

Peace& Love always!!!

By: J. Peters πŸ‘‘


You will never get far with a do or don’t attitude.

You’re limiting your progress using I will or wont, but I ain’t mad at you.

Any overachiever knows it takes a lot out of you.

What does? Everything…

When you aim higher and beyond in everything you do.

Seeking perfection in every final move.

It’s our inner greatness, the brushstroke of an artist starving yet living life through the lens , screaming out ‘WHY ARENT YOU RECORDING THEN?!’

Yes, it’s the moments that we capture in our mind for later use.

Our ideas taking on their own life and growing roots.

How many signs do you need before you stop for gas?

How many acts do you perform? Do you know or can feel when it’s your last?

Stop & instruct your audience to live life in their past.

Singing the words of the broken hearted within a up tempo that’s masked.

Famished, fucking with my mind like I’m the puppet to your damage.

Spit out that noise and cut the strings that you playing with.

Silence the voices of the thoughtless, to unmute the cries of the audience.

They’re stuck watching likes it tv!

Commenting out of envy and what they choose to believe.

But just as salt looks like sugar, diamonds look like glass.

So tell me what exactly do you have if your riches involve only paper and glass?

No, I’m not bashing, just asking you to open your mind.

Look forward just as you always look from behind.

Think for yourself and make the moves you talk about.

Pour your ideas into realities engine and draw the map.

You got this , leave no room for doubt.

Be strong, eyes.

Be open, ears.

Be gone, fears.

Peace & Love Always! πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters 🐐

Wagon Wheels

I expect more, because i give without any limitations.

If you think that another can come close to me,

Then my dear, you have confused authenticity with mere imitation.

Like karaoke versus a concert.


Biking in The sands of Dubai versus Hollywood’s green screen desert.

The look doesn’t fulfill the desire.

You can’t fill up on fake, so you have to take on the life of a liar.

But keep in mind its all a choice.

Ride in the wagon or use your voice.



By: J. Peters


Breathe life into us,

So that we can live through the hearts of many.

Live honestly, so that lies can’t build off of envy.

The world delivers to you the depth of the wisest meanings.

May we greet love with sober thoughts.

Lift veils with conscious words untaught.

May we all be pleased with our findings.

And conquer our struggles with our hustle and grinding.

Be loving, world.

Be true, thoughts.

Be real, eyes.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters πŸ€


I can no longer tolerate less than what I’m willing to give.

Why should I lessen myself and bid my gifts?

So if i give you the moon, you must bring me the stars.

If I strengthen your heart, you must heal my scars.

Its become too difficult to carry your baggage with my own.

My bones are aching and my soul has gone numb.

So take your weight, so I can balance my own.

View getting bigger, i see different,

Life becoming clearer, i feel different.

Words becoming deeper, i hear different

Actions becoming bigger, i vibe different.

Growing, just keep growing,

No slowing down what was planned before my knowing.

Like wind ill be as free as a bird at night.

Unseen yet forever present during daylight.

Moving smooth and swift like a hunters knife, precise.

As wise as the owl that never turns it back.

Trust no one but, still remember to interact..

Be quiet, mind.

Be short, words.

Be heavy, heart.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. PetersπŸ’‹


It only gets sweeter,

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Its the spoiling that makes it sweet,

So spoil me until I’m weak.

Paint the words of my soul, through your eyes, inspire.

For your perception of me, is the knowledge I desire.

Be i the black mamba to your heart so damn lethal igniting instant sparks.

Call it love at first sight, like star gazing from the planetarium at night.

They say you’re only as strong as your deepest scar.

And only as loving as your softest laugh.

Full love no halfs, lets take it further than to far.

So dear please be as gentle as a feathers touch and as strong as a monks oath of silence.

Because, it only gets sweeter.

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Follow my murmurs into an escapade of euphoric routes.

Be open, mind.

Be loving, words.

Be clear, eyes.

Peace & Love Always! πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters πŸ”₯


If time went backwards we would all just repeat our mistakes.

Seeing our errors and mishaps at a snail pace.

So why not move forward, instead of living in the past?

Embrace the opportunity to create something beautiful that could forever last.

Either you build in the present or regret what’s next.

It’s like the universe, sending fallen stars down to earth so it’ll reset.

Living on the wave, that brings in the tide of wonder.

Breathing life into those whose vibration has weakly sundered.

Through the cries of our aura, may epoch awaken within us please.

To become the purpose we were all made to be.

And move swiftly through life’s ups and downs, like an Angel ineffable wings.

Painting the clouds with stories of their spiritual missions that are oblivion to you and me.

Be true, eyes.

Be real, love.

Be quick, mind.

Peace & Love Always 🌷

By: J. Peters 🌼🌻



Why do it cost to be free?

They say only the young can feel it, while the old is mentally stuck in routine .

We all wish to be free , free of something whether it be a person , place , or object .

They say responsibility is growing up, because of cause and effect.

But when did free become the sub for careless ?

Why does free put fear in the heart of the controllers. And weakens the fearless ?

There is so much power in free that the elites cut our wings before we know we can fly.

Free as a bird without it’s limitations to survive.. .

Be true , eyes .

Be silent, heart.

Be peaceful, mind.

Peace & Love Always!!!

By: J. Peters🌹