Like a bird I fly high

Allowing my wings to soar over high grounds and faceless norms.

If you could build a village for a day, what would it stand for?

What would be your resource to claim?

They say most can manage off a slice of bread a day.

But to feed an entire town would cost you more than you could make.

So again what resource will be your stoke to claim?

The world nurtures your stress with the money dream.

‘All will get better if only you knew a money scheme.’ they say.

Like a diamond in the rough we plant flowers just to reroot their seeds.

Teach a class from a young age repetitive clutter just to mute their dreams.

Like a solider being trained to kill,

We are children being trained to kneel.

To began as a beggar and wait for an opportunity to build.

But I say to you with the confidence of God, you can manifest your guild

Without question we are made to fulfill a certain purpose.

No matter what path we chose, fate still makes our soul meaning our focus.

Time equates us from tarnish.

Time eliminates our lies in exchange for our promise.

Be honest, world.

Be real, heart.

Be true, world.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters 💋


Drink from me

Knowledge, you see knowledge is power
It is the ability to move all with words that can build.
Feed wisdom to those who are lost or stuck in a standstill.
You have the capability to be more , so why accept less?
You can only know what you choose.
You can never choose what you know.
The knowledge is out there people.
Dressed in honey gold clothes, diamond glasses, titanium armor and shoes with crystal soles.
You can succeed,
You can conquer
You can grow
just believe.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes