La Reina

The queen  translates…

The queen…

Dominant and sweet

Not to be taken as mean.

Mute face with eyes that scream,

The reign of the baddest fighting a battle for truth.

Windigos surrounding the castle yet they’re no match for her troops.

The queen,  

All hail the queen!

When she speaks all listen,

Eyes clench tight as tears leave cheeks glistenin’.

When she is silent, quietly all wait.

For the queen is too great, for her words to be mistaked.

 And her silence is too powerful to break.




All Mine


In a careless world,
Where you only give when it’s beneficial or a prideless beg.
You only help when asked,
You’re only kind when you’re hitting bad,
And you’re only honest when you’re mad.
Selfless is a thing of the past,
The only thing that matters to people now days is  whether  or not it’s them eatting first or last..

UnSpoken Truth


Dear Negative Nancy…
When you’re 70 you’ll realize you have no photo album of memories to look through.
Just over told stories that’s changed everytime you speak it.
Unanswered phone calls,
ignored invites,
Damn and you can’t even see it?
What memories do you have with your loved ones?
what promises have you broken?
You can’t bring back time for none,
the truth is finally spoken.
So your regrets of the past, and burdens will fade.
Your screams of escape from them, will soon turn into pleads for them to stay.
But what you do in the present will pave your way,
Into a future where your neglect towards  the ones closest to you,
will push them all away.
Peace&Love Always
By Meee… Jasmine

Road Less Taken


Do you really think you can fill my shoes?
They’re huge but you can try,
what do YOU have to lose?
You see only two sides of me,
a winner and sometimes a fool.
But you don’t know how many times i failed or how hard it is to live with mistakes revealed.
Be careful what you wish for,  my path is the road less taken.
My shoes have traveled beneath, above, and against more than pavement…
Be easy life
Be true love
Be certain dreams
Peace&Love Always
By: Meeee… Jasmine

Words of Advice

Saloon Lufthansa surreal.jpg

If you’re constantly running in a paradox looking for flaws,

You will only see the frame and not the picture.

They say you can only drown if you forget to breathe.

So inhale, exhale, and swim through the waves.

I say you only touch the sky after you push yourself off of the ground and fly.

So please open your mind and believe.

Love yourself  and spread your wings!

peace & love always

by: Jasmine


fukai surreal fantasy

♪ Going off as the time drops,

heart beating harder than the drums in the jungle huts.

Wind blowing light, as the sun slowly leaves us.

Eyes wide shut as the night begins to greet us.

Silent and dark like a wave pulling our feet up.

Living in a world where a dollar gets all our trust.

Where love only matters if we touch. ‚ô™

by jasmine

Cloudy Visions

by xetobyte

Picture me flying

into the stars.

Picture me

guiding you, healing your scars.

Lost photos of our many flaws,

We keep the good ones over all.

Picture you flying

picture the stars,

picture the road you’ve taken thus far.

Wonder where you’ll be when all things take place.

Are you built for better or built for mistakes?

by: meeee… jasmine

Perfectly Opposed

I live by the moment of today,

I could actually die in it and still come up with no abrades.

Never ever have I ever been regretful and distraught.

I wade towards the finish line with the sun warming my skin to a crisp.

I am destined to fly without wings and to live within a dream.

My creative energy floods my veins bursting out into the world for any to claim. 

My focus is my biggest game,

I am the cost of the greatest gain.

By Jasmine 

Peace & Love Always…..

The Loveless

Karma will ¬†unearth the malevolent¬†and reward the fallen…

A person who has only seen love from a far, but has never felt it

will try to belittle love with useless words.

An opportunist intervening with mind games, dry spells, love spells, and fake hurt.

Destroying kismet love just to benefit for self earn.

Guilt tripping someone else’s soulmate so that they will remain under their loveless curse.

A sadist,

A masochist,

the worst.

Little do they know, all chains break,

they want to possess love even if theirs is fake.

Love is like water, no rock can contain.

Why hurt what fate will change?

Playing side to another’s main,

A persons history with their soulmate alone, wins and ends your loveless cunning game.

why disrespect yourself, just find your own love for you to claim.

If you take a persons freewill,

karma will build you up only to eradicate.

Gifting you with

every person you have hurt, pain.

Destroying you with

every bad scenario you have thought, 


Exposing you with

every lie you have buried,

infamous vain.

Karma will gift you pain….

Enough to drive you insane.

By Jasmine






You Are Only As Great As Your Opponent.

Be very careful who you choose to face!

Never forget they are still their own person with tricks up their sleeve, and you are still your own person with even more tricks.

You have to know your cards and trust them before you can ever try to play your opponents cards against them. 


Learn. &


Peace  x Love, Always




It seems so crazy how far away you are.

Our time zone differences allows us to paint our world without scars.

You love the way I crave your words of knowledge from afar.

In love with my desire and compassionate  nature,

my ability to see reason in every crucial and non crucial danger.

i am a butterfly caught in your net of deception.

Fragile, weak, yet beautifully mysterious with few imperfections.

I am to you what the rain is to April flowers.

I am the change in a beggars stride once they’ve been given unlimited power.

The beauty of the suns rise and the warmth in the snow.

And you,

You are the lie that my truth never told.

my minds deepest regret and my soul’s darkest hole.

Unclear yet you’re there.

You’re there.

by mee.. Jasmine

Veiled Nightmares

Desire is of the essence of time,
the youths innocence attracts the mind of powerful elites. 
Teaching them young to grow into a tricksters tool.
It seems a wise man worries more about another’s discretion, and very little about the chain patterned of self destruction.
How can a fool become wise?
Break the chain by warning futile minds?
Can actions have more power than words?,
They lead the way into the blossoming Lotus of doom,
Heavy feet resting easy in destiny’s deceitful tomb.
Burying the mind into a ground of dirt and irremovable bugs.
Planting dreams of luxuries that have no filler for loners nights.
Their pain temporarily voided with toxic liquid and hallucinogenic smoke pipes.
Seated on the worlds most sacred piety’s,
projecting a envious dream of their own life’s greed.
To think of how lonely a wealthy man has to be
to create a scheme were his own life is what others dream… written by me Jasmine¬†

Mind Over Matter

Do you see a musician or a woman?

Do you see a musician or a woman?

If I told you the more you think you’re dying the faster you’ll die, how long would it take you to die?
If i asked you to draw a picture of what honesty looks like, would you know how to?
And if you didn’t would that make you dishonest?
A picture says a thousands words you’re not even thinking, contrary to popular beliefs.
Just as your body screams at you, telling you what you don’t need.
Like birds living in a tree, with a nest made of sticks and dry leaves.
We could all look within our own beliefs, and find that doubt we hide with ease.
But will we?!

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes