Whats hidden can only be revealed by human error and constant mistakes.

nothing can stay buried for more than a days fade.

You’d be a fool to take it to the grave,

so it can constantly be replayed

in the sixth sense of a psychics

third EYE gaze…


Sleeping Awake


Times seems to slip by me,
Leaving broken pieces ahead of my dream.
Forever contemplating  new beginnings and quick schemes.
Never a slickster, but impatience has dealt me in.
Leaving only hope within,
Clock steadily stuck on 6:40, closing in on 10
Turning back would be too early,
when I’m almost their, am I near the dream barely.
Obstacles come and go
No more putting my plans
On hold.
Eyes open while my mind is sleep
Future glows through the dark loose seams.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes