Drank Meh


20170601_202913As queen I bring the sun,

giving all light in the dark.

I reveal the universe,  within our very hearts.

Be I a woman from the south, raised with manners to serve kindness to all untaught..

Pouring a special water into all minds so that they will grow. Feeding their souls “why’s” & “how’s” so that they will question what they know…

Guiding the weak and leading the strong.

I am here only to heal the lost,  strengthen the meek,  and rejuvenate the soul..

Drank from me the knowledge that I sow.

So that we all may reap the benefits of the glow..

By meeee.  JASMINE


Lotus Luck

​Haters love when you respond to their bitter words.

It’s their only accomplishment.

  They feel like they won something.

 They feel as if your response is confirmation of their hateful words.

But in reality you’re just annoyed with someone constantly trying to shit on your life.

Like a conniving neighbor whose dog loves to shit in only your yard.

One wrong step can damper your day..

Haters love to see you miserable, as if you could feel what they feel regularly

Fortunately for you,

 It’s nothing more than a temporary mood change.

While you’re still building & winning! 

They’re still plottin’ and scheming on your  downfall.

Stay gold,

Stay smart

Stay blessed

Peace & LOVE Always

by meee…jasmine

All Takes


I hate flawed expectant people..
The dark side of expectations…
Expecting if it rains you’ll hold the umbrella over them, in their delusional world.
Expecting if they lose a dollar you’ll give them one of yours.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand having a persons back,
but they have to have yours too.
Nothing is worse than expectant people that take take take , but never give.
When they need you you’re there.
When you need them they’re busy or have to much going on to care.
People that expect you to do for them, without realizing you don’t have to do nothing.
Constantly taking without giving anything in return.
A selfless deed is called kindness.
When you take advantage of kindness,
you’re not only being a user,
you’re ending a relationship that had the potential to be great.
Peace and Love Always
By: meee… Jasmine

Bad Karma


Guilty and knowing
You can only burn yourself twice before you learn a lesson.
They say bad karma will have you searching for a needle in a haystack.
Looking for the gain of nothing.
Sometimes its just the opposite of that.
Sometimes bad karma will have you searching for a hay stick in a needle pyramid
Tough, painful, and evej more pointless.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mi Yute


Fearless I used to be
Running through trees and diving in dry leaves.
Innocent, wild,
Daring , loud, and
Fearsome I have become,
Running from past shame,
No more climbing in trees that, poisonous spiders may claim .
Dry leaves hurt when your not a 45 pound 5 year old.
It s all so familiar, but
It just not the same…

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Forbidden is a mind that is free!
A mind that can see pass the envy and greed.
Forbidden is a little girls cries of hunger that can’t be fed with tainted truth and lies.
Forbidden is a man’s hopeful plead to succeed so that limitless heauxs will beg for his seed.
Forbidden is a mind that see’s through the deceivers dimly lit creaks. 
If you unbox your mind, you’ll own your truth.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mind Over Matter

Do you see a musician or a woman?

Do you see a musician or a woman?

If I told you the more you think you’re dying the faster you’ll die, how long would it take you to die?
If i asked you to draw a picture of what honesty looks like, would you know how to?
And if you didn’t would that make you dishonest?
A picture says a thousands words you’re not even thinking, contrary to popular beliefs.
Just as your body screams at you, telling you what you don’t need.
Like birds living in a tree, with a nest made of sticks and dry leaves.
We could all look within our own beliefs, and find that doubt we hide with ease.
But will we?!

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Its the eyes that give us all away.
They tell our secrets and expose our pain.
Like dirty laundry hanging out side for all to see, ignorant to our vain.
You’re a depraved heart thieve,
Its funny how you dare to try to break my heart, only to find its already stolen.
Someone got here before you and ran away with it.
You can’t hurt me deep enough to matter, but you can make me sick.

Sorry you thought you could break me, but my heart I barely miss.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Its never enough, no matter what.
Even the finish is a new beginning.
Today brings tomorrow’s envy.
The end is always empty, the start is always full.
Like a gas filled car going no where, stopping only when you need more fuel.
What is this all for?
What is our destined fate?
I now ask a million questions so either I’m on time or too late.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes