Whats hidden can only be revealed by human error and constant mistakes.

nothing can stay buried for more than a days fade.

You’d be a fool to take it to the grave,

so it can constantly be replayed

in the sixth sense of a psychics

third EYE gaze…


Centered Soul


People say more by saying nothing.
Its their energy that gives them away.
The tone they have whenever they do speak, their smiles, their gaze.
The glow in their eyes, or their colorful aura boldly ablaze.
People say more through a hug or a shoulder pat.
You can tell a story just by observing another’s energy towards all Tact’s.
Whether they’re really living their truth or faking a smile.
It always comes out after a while.
Faith be moved when God touches down.
Feeling the soul of many around.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes