Feeling like I’m running
on someone else’s time.
Living my dreams only when I close my eyes.
My feet never hits the ground ,
when I’m flying in the sky.
Dressed as a royal puppet , in a happy disguise.
When I dream, I dream big, reaching pass the stars.
On the stage, my life plays out
exposing my mental scars.
(peace&love always)


Game of Truce


They say those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind…
In total honesty,
People will leave you with nothing, then come back and snatch that nothing, just because it is still in fact something.
In contrary belief, its really what matters to that said person, that defines what is nothing or something.
What is valued or taken for granted, depends on who cares the less not the most.
It all goes without saying everything and everybody are capable of being used or users.
Used until you are dust waiting for the wind to pick up.
Poisonous kind of greed that manipulates loves plead.
Constantly loving you just to hate you and cause mistakes.
And constantly hating you, just to love what reflects their inner fools.
Tied hands living for the puppeteer’s entertainment of the unamused.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes