Y’all ever have an,

‘Is it worth it?’ moment?

Like, should I say this or

Should I bite my tongue?

And if i choose to do so, in the end is it really worth the hurt, the embarrassment, the effort, or losing what was never there to begin with..

I don’t know… it’s like the more I think about it, the heavier it gets.

It weighs down my options until I either speak on it or ignore it…

So damn complex…


On the Way


May the truth be the weight that anchors  you.

Holding you in place,  you’re the target long over due, for karma is on her way .

After the burning of many tossed handkerchiefs we send you on your way.

There’s no brighter way than today,  to spread the news you hate.

So hang your head in shame when hell reigns superior on your name.

Lie be damned at the hurt your deceit creates in the universe , causing one star to dim.

But you’re not powerful enough to kill the light God built from within.

So another lesson learned and another light to tune.

If I shall rest before sunsets,  then you shall rest at noon.

Be I the the final equation of the wraith that will have you doomed?

Be truthful, love .

Be thoughtful,  heart .

Be kind, words

Peace &love Always.

By: J . PETERS 🌹

The Calm Before the Storm

by xetobyte

I move swift with the wind beneath my feet.

Bringing to the light the deception that breeds defeat.

We all have a choice to make war or send peace .

But it doesn’t mean that we all will choose to do the same.

You have the breed of a monster,  that’s hungry for worship,  fame,  and pain .

You have the Lennon’s that choose boarder line drama and peace,  caused by trauma from the insane.

Then you have the Peace makers that no matter their upbringing refuse to dish out the same pain .

It’s all a choice in the matter of love or pain .

There’s no safe way to travel through life,  except to be one with peace .

Just as there is no safe way to travel within our minds deceit .

You can be prepared for going over board with the unknown at your feet .

But, everything can always go more than two ways .

Based on experience and your fear making you one second too late .

Be more, mind

Be smart,  heart ,

Be kind , world .

Peace & Love Always! !

BY: J.  Peters 🌹

Self Reflection…

Why are we honest with our lies and truthful to our disguise?
Is painting over our blemishes our only conscious truth?
Our only proof that we are aware that our blemish exist?
Even our cries are heavily exaggerated and dimly written.
If we can’t face the mirror, what do we reflect?
Why do we all prefer holding the mirror towards others, rather than ourselves?
Questions that are forever unanswered.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes