Rare Rose


Like a rose,

I grow for all to see.

Sending out the sweetest fumes so that my inner honey draws you all like bees.. 

But through beauty comes pain, 

So pick from me one at a time,  so through the years our love will remain. 

My armour of thorns draws blood so that only the greedy will retreat from the pain.

Only few can hold me,  I grow in the rarest of places , at times,  so that all will know me. 

A rose of layered petals that hold my soul to everything. 

May I bloom in your mind and bring light to your days.

May I be your gift from the heart to some one you can’t hate. 

My words can never fade , like heavy ink on the depth of thread homemade.

Be gentle world, 

Be sweet love, 

Be truthful mind .

Peace & Love Always

By: J . PETERS 🌹





Let me be your world,
Different and unique.
Beautiful, brilliant and deep.
Allow me to move your mind,
Eliminate heartache with an overdose of loves most rare times.
Audacious trips to bizarre hot spots.
More beautiful than a rose in sand blooming on top.
I’ll be your faithful concubine if you’ll be mine.
Taking it far in a world that seems to forever change and untwine.
Higher than airplanes, higher than the sky.
No ground level so we don’t trip.
Whispers are all beneath us, so we never slip.
I’ve completely lost my mind.
Lend me a moment, because you seem to have took mine.
Turbulence pain,
Awakens my hearts facetious lies.
Emotional pain that physically strains.
Lets live the life of a merger,
Us as one towards loves gain.
The longer the ride, the worser it gets.
Jet lag mentality flipped, unearthed graves and heavenly grips.
The weirdest people are the most loyal gifts.
A world of clown painted on smiles and bandwagon fools.
Walk with me and be a diamond amongst glass, metals, and corrupted jewels.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Mind Paradox


I feel stuck in a circus of bizarre,
Bungee cord risk and doorways of fire.
Who am I to say I don’t belong?
My rooms are filled with clownish characters with no balloons.
When I self reflect I dress the part so well.
But my mind perceives the pain its been trained to feel.
The falsehoods has been planted repeatedly in my head to death.
But yet I can just as easily change my clothes.
Eliminate the crazy with reality in one small dose.
A lot to do, I’ll let my action speak so take notice.
Bring forth the wine lets toast to this!
For now I’ll be your clown,
A diamond in a world of imitation glass, still unfound.
Stuck in a carnival of rare rooms and trick mirror mazes.
Balancing on a ball with more than enough suitcases.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes