Dream State


To kill a dream is to kill the soul.

Muting the desires that you have yet to sow.

What you create can move the stars,

aligning the world through your love and scars .

Why not be better than you were before.

If your knowledge was a question what would you soar.

Reaping the lies that come from small truths.

Planting your magic and watering your roots.

We all can innovate our wishes.

As powerful and as subtle as feathered kisses.

Through passion we can paint the sky.

Even brush strokes of our dreams and cries.

Be easy love,

Be honest heart,

Be quick  mind

Peace & Love Always !






They never want to hear it, but they never have a choice.
Your voice can be heard.
But keep in mind , just because people listen doesn’t mean they’re listening in depth.
Anyone can hear a song and forget it.
So make noises unheard,
Capture the attention of all.
Not just a select group, your word is your wisdom.
Your voice is your key.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mind Over Matter


I guess you’re never really comfortable.
No matter the situation.
Comfort is only temporary,
There is always a bill, a cold, a break up, a make up, a new person, a new situation, old habits, new habits.
Comfort is your minds way of showing content with temporary satisfaction until a new test, a new lesson, a new eye opener presents itself to take you out of the routine you have been living day to day.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

We Will See

Drawing by me

Where do I start?
A mind of brick, a body with less heart.
On the ground I crawl eating crumbs as they fall.
A soul lost in darkness and fog,
Empty minded and welts from tears.
Choked by hate and living in fear.
Bruised ego, I have become a mockery.
Like shit is how you talk to me!
Me, the girl who gives without limitations.
You talk to others with your lips planted on their asses, then speak to me with their shit still present!
You do not make me!!
No matter how many times you try to break me!
My spirit is damaged, but my strength is not of words or banks.
My strength is of character.
What goes around always comes back and shows its face.
When you face your fate my presence will no longer help you sustain.
No more point and blame,
No more deceit.
Resilience has taken pains place firmly planting my feet.
It is now time for me to leave.
Good riddance to those who still crawl in defeat.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes