My Kind of Sleep

The kind of sleep
Where the sunlight is your alarm, the covers and sheets are tossed and thrown. 

Your eyes are crusted,  drool dried up on your cheeks, with your shirt half on. 

Deep, ugly and long… 

The kind of sleep, 
That you awaken from with an arm stretched high yawn. 

The kind that makes you feel confused and dazed for a minute long. 

Yes my kind of sleep

Heavy,  untimed,  long and sweet… 

Peace&Love always

By: meeee… Jasmine




You ask for more than you can
In vision more than can be believed.
The holidays bring happiness and inner screams.
Sweet dreams and a few night terrors on Elm Street
Laying at rest
It seems today hopes is tomorrows new quest.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Sleeping Awake


Times seems to slip by me,
Leaving broken pieces ahead of my dream.
Forever contemplating  new beginnings and quick schemes.
Never a slickster, but impatience has dealt me in.
Leaving only hope within,
Clock steadily stuck on 6:40, closing in on 10
Turning back would be too early,
when I’m almost their, am I near the dream barely.
Obstacles come and go
No more putting my plans
On hold.
Eyes open while my mind is sleep
Future glows through the dark loose seams.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

I Can Only Imagine


If it hurts it’s meant to teach,
a lesson that bad experiences preach.
Tomorrows yearn leaves the present within reach.
I can’t help, but to wonder how a fixed heart sleeps.
Since a broken heart seems to over think.
Leaving me awake to relive it all in my mind.
Replaying conversations , changing dialogue and past troubles to fit the reality I wish was mine.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Bed Rest


Come night!
rest upon my shoulders,
And guide me through the Sandman’s quarters.
Come night!!
Bring the stars and moon
To shine their light into my shadowed filled room.
Come night!!!
Help me rest my mind
Soundless prayers on clasped hands,
soft whispers from behind.
Come night!!!!
So I can rest, though I’ve had many sleepless nights I confess.
Come night!!!!!
Burning eyelids, I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of night.
Ignoring the eerie spite
Day comes….
No sleep for me,
Another resting night
Another lost dream.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes