The Calm Before the Storm

by xetobyte

I move swift with the wind beneath my feet.

Bringing to the light the deception that breeds defeat.

We all have a choice to make war or send peace .

But it doesn’t mean that we all will choose to do the same.

You have the breed of a monster,  that’s hungry for worship,  fame,  and pain .

You have the Lennon’s that choose boarder line drama and peace,  caused by trauma from the insane.

Then you have the Peace makers that no matter their upbringing refuse to dish out the same pain .

It’s all a choice in the matter of love or pain .

There’s no safe way to travel through life,  except to be one with peace .

Just as there is no safe way to travel within our minds deceit .

You can be prepared for going over board with the unknown at your feet .

But, everything can always go more than two ways .

Based on experience and your fear making you one second too late .

Be more, mind

Be smart,  heart ,

Be kind , world .

Peace & Love Always! !

BY: J.  Peters 🌹




They crave a power that only one being possesses.
They crave the innocence only child birth can give.
Monsters who want to gain the magical beauty the soul gives.
They say many sell their soul for earths riches, but it is impossible.
You can’t sell what is not yours to give.
But you can be brainwashed to believe you did.
To swim for eternity in purgatory, before you awaken to enter heaven gates.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



What will your legacy be?
What will you leave behind for your children to carry on and hand down for generations?
What have you given your children, that your parents didn’t give you?
What have you taught them?
What did you give them when they entered the real world, or what do you plan to give them to take on the challenges you have faced or are still trying to master?
Your job as a parent is to raise your child and prepare them for their future.
If they are ill prepared, consistently discouraged, and raised in a negative environment,
then you have FAILED them.
They are now left to pick up your debts and scraps before  building their own future.
You have taught them to prepare for the worst with expectations to have to clean up another’s lack there of.
You have not taught them to prepare for the best , because the has world failed you it shall always fail them is what you teach.
Can you honestly write a list down of the knowledge, spiritual growth, love and responsibility you have taught them? Hourly? Daily? Monthly? Yearly?
The chain of a family tradition of hell.
Where success is a gift and miracle.
Not a expectation.
Dare to stand out amongst fools? Break the cycle?
Or hell give that cycle back and walk the path that none have seen. Learn to prosper past negative and belittling ignorance.
Family will pull you down and destroy you before the world can, just so that you’ll be stuck where their feet are planted.
You have to learn that a flower can grow in sand and in concrete.
Just because you’re given a hard hand doesn’t mean you have at play with it.
Fold and get dealt in a new hand of possibilities.
Your parents failures doesn’t have to be yours.


by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Maze Conquer


Is it all an illusion?
This life, the air you breathe, the wind blowing, the always busy streets.
Are we all in a box in constant reptitive motion?
Afraid of change so we remain comfortably laying in shit.
Walking to the beat that where told to walk to , ignoring our destined gifts.
Reacting in ways that seem fit to all man waged situations.
I mean are we really living day to day,
Pay to pay,
Plate to plate
Drink to drink?
Living in a routine motion that never seems to stop or take a break.
How can you approach the world the same way everyday and hope to be great?
Confined and restricted by laws and rules, that only help and fit those who have made it.
Laws and rules that those above us all continue breaking.
Enslaved chains of building others dreams for small pay, just to survive month after month.
The insanity that most can’t seem to fully understand.
The illusion is you have programmed yourself with a little help to work till the death.
Dare to step outside of the box?
Like a rat in a maze forever searching for cheese, how about you forget the cheese and exit the maze.
Outside this maze you’ll find possibility and vegetation.
You’ll live the dream, instead of dazing it or slumbering.
Break the chain and your reign shall lead all to their true destiny.
Giving more than hope can offer.
Truth unveils the blind and smack  back at the wicked tomb robbers.
Harming those who crave a power that is unfit for them to have.
Serving a just God with a wrath only karma can disperse.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



You think they tell you everything?
When you ask for the truth is it what you wanted to hear or what you feared/expected to hear?
Doesn’t expectations get you what you wanted?!
Never rely on ones truth as your only belief, for it is their truth and no one elses.
Just as your truth is yours.
Are you always 100% honest with no exaggeration or left out details?
Truth is there is no right answer, no such thing as being real when pride keeps you from revealing your true self.
It hurts to feel so deep and even more to hide it.
Oscars to us all,
for the mask we as a society learn to wear in social settings to fit the status quo.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes