Blood Dynasty

As fly as I can be,

Making waves in the hearts and minds of plenty.

Never does a moment past that you can reprimand me.

My karma so good, I call her ass to defend me.

Keeping my haters so tight that their eyes bulge out like candy.

So damn sweet even God pats my back with envy.

Surrounding me with flowers that are other worldly and pretty.

I watch the angels write my name in the clouds, because I’m gritty.

Paranormal activities keep my heart beating like african drums.

In a trance during the night time I hear my ancestors sang and hum.

So fresh is the idea of a truth teller explaining the lie.

Breaking it down so that others can no longer deny.

I’m me, so damn unpredictable, but comprehensible, like a wave.

Though my mystery comes in a mystical juice like Lady Dais,

For ever building on my dreams until I began to fade.

Be quick, mind.

Be humble, world.

Be true, heart.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋




Like water to a fish, my presence allows you to sustain.

Drink with me , lets converse about the constellations and what our future will bring.

A moth to my light , you’re forever drawn in, because my mystery is a puzzle you can’t solve.

Fore my mystery forever evolves.

Must i go on a journey that leads through dark forests and ethereal lands, just to make you wonder?

Like watching a man pump $2 dollars worth of gas, making us all sonder. Relatable being,

I can make you feel, in the depth of your loniest thoughts, your unconsciousness revealed.

I can fill that void that makes you doubt all you’ve been taught.

Reaching for the stsrs, lets find the things we have all sought.

For you I’ll bring peace to your woes and nourish your hunger with understanding.

Its not rude to be demanding if you’re reprimanding.

Ill eradicate your weary with a comfort that so heavenly your night won’t be spent miserably awake.

Come now, please come so that i can heal your soul and gift your life with a break..

Be wise, choice

Be woke, soul.

Be present, love.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋

By: J. Peters👑

Rise Up [Live Acoustic Video]” on YouTube


Andra Day
Her voice is incredible you guys check her out, I promise you’ll love it.
I feel like I just dug in YouTube’s underground  and found a diamond.
Her voice is beautiful, distinctive, and soulful.
Rise Up 👈👈👈 Watch it

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Drink from me

Knowledge, you see knowledge is power
It is the ability to move all with words that can build.
Feed wisdom to those who are lost or stuck in a standstill.
You have the capability to be more , so why accept less?
You can only know what you choose.
You can never choose what you know.
The knowledge is out there people.
Dressed in honey gold clothes, diamond glasses, titanium armor and shoes with crystal soles.
You can succeed,
You can conquer
You can grow
just believe.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Healing Your Soul


Treat all better than they treat you, better than you want to be treated. I know the saying is a little more like ‘ treat others the way you want to be treated, ‘ but no ones knows what they really want.
Everyone just knows what they don’t want.
Whether this list of con’s come from experience, observation, or just wishful thinking.
Your expectations consist of a forever growing list of dislikes.
A person can never truly give you what’s needed and wanted when you don’t know the difference between what you desire and what your soul necessitates.
Instead of showing others your pet peeves, dislikes, or  past emotional scars.
Show them your desires without the list of cons, let them learn who you are and widen your view.
They can learn from you as well as you can learn from them.
For you forever change day to day, and things are always different with different people.
The turn out is only the same when you treat them the same way you treat others before them.
And what you have tolerated and accepted as well.
If you tell them all the negative things you clung to, sooner or later they’ll give you what you expect.
Because that’s all they know.
Its like telling a person you hate warm water so they give you ice water.
If you had not told them that, you would have been given the varieties of wine, juice, soda, coffee, plus more.
But now that person doesn’t have to spoil you , learn your desires, or help you to accumulate more desires.
Why would they do that when you told them you like ice water?
No you never said that you only like water, but you only told them you hate warm water. You limited them, so instead of growing with you, they’re feeding your past and not your present.
I’m not talking about desiring something to drink, though you’re probably thirsty now lol,  I’m figuratively speaking.
You limit your growth when you remain in the same thought process.
Its not always other people, sometimes its you.
I used to fear the rain, would always run to my moms room or hide beneath my covers. Now it soothes my spirit and relaxes my mood.
I used to love parties & the movies, now I prefer something a little more intimate or chaotic like a theme park.
Point being your taste changes like fine wine throughout the years.
Don’t have high expectations for a person you gave a list of rules too.
Ask your self how will they know what you like if , your cons are longer than your pros.
Its like constantly making sure you don’t step on someone’s feet while dancing.
You can’t truly enjoy the moment , or feel their heat mold against yours.
Hell you can’t even hear the music.
You’re putting their focus on the negatives. So all they know is negatives. Which builds your connection on a negativity.
Learn to let go, move on and grow.
Allow others to love, learn, and see you with a different view.
Your past was a lesson not to be repeated.
We must learn our favorites, attain more likes, retry things we hate, conquer our fears, and love sincerely.
Tough love, and food for thought.
Be loved all,
Be strong all,
Be true…
Peace & Love Always

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Soul Calls


Something sweet for something timeless.
I can love you better …
Something bitter for something blinding.
I can teach you better…
Some thing bright for the shadows behind us.
I can make you better…
Something green for something greater.
I can give you better…

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Night Sun


Dazed Dreamer…
Mark of the Sun,
In a mental paradise,
wicked be born, good be shunned.
False euphoria land of the stunned.
Racing through the wind , riding diamond eyed duns …
Dreaming takes up part of the day,
Putting things in places, we can only hope will be one day.
Mind altering from white to grey, but NEVER black.
Darkness always quickly fades.
Positive energy and neutral views.
Plenty to gain and everything to lose.
Nothing can be incomplete in this world.
Not a note, a book, a song, or a prayers herald; it’ll only leave ones thoughts elusive and  irreversibly swirled.
Constantly life stays in motion.
Taking us places that sometimes makes no sense.
Change is inevitable, but are we inevitable to change?
It seems you only feel down when your will is so far away.
Looking up only to bow your head, too shy to gaze.
Be free mind ,
Be confident smile,
Be strong hope.
Be gentle youuu,
Be gentle.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

MOOD: Inside My Love


Inside My Love”

Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other
Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further
Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other
Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further

Cause you are one, and I am another one
We should be, one inside each other
You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride
You can see inside me,
Will you come inside me
Do you wanna ride

Great artist, Great Song
Delilah –Inside My Love 👈👈👈

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Sweet Butterfly


I can’t stop staring at you and even when I’m not staring, I’m thinking about you.
Not a moment passes that I don’t remember,
the times we shared , our love always too tender, too bare.
Lost a lot, but who really cared?
we cared.
A cross my mind you run slow paced.
Beautiful eyes , we acquired  minimum space.
Our souls danced together smoothly like a artist brush stroke.
Our canvas molds together more gentle than fresh air and cigar smoke.
Beautifully one, beautifully one.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



The truth is dangerous to some, it can hurt you physically without ever laying a finger.
Bruising your ego and cutting your heart.
Its easy to get pulled into despair and insecurities.
But reach out and find yourself through the blurr of smoke filled rooms.
Limit the words of others who will bring you doom.
Those who only wish bad on you will tear into your fears.
So keep the deceiving away from you so that your thoughts may be clear.
Life is what you make it,
And your choices depend on the company you keep.
Limit the negative and gain positivity.
It takes less to learn and more to grow from your teachings.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Centered Soul


People say more by saying nothing.
Its their energy that gives them away.
The tone they have whenever they do speak, their smiles, their gaze.
The glow in their eyes, or their colorful aura boldly ablaze.
People say more through a hug or a shoulder pat.
You can tell a story just by observing another’s energy towards all Tact’s.
Whether they’re really living their truth or faking a smile.
It always comes out after a while.
Faith be moved when God touches down.
Feeling the soul of many around.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



In the mist of it all
Nothing shall do you harm.
Soul glowing in your eyes,
A green overlay that shields your cries.
Only protection is God ,
A beautiful Sunday that helps to relax your mind.
Marley singin’ in the shadows about jammin in the name…
Emotional shelter beneath all things.
Zion is the next destination painted boldly in the frame.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



Unlimited is the lies of the world,filled with close minded fools . Those who believe only what they can see.
As if their other senses are just there for basic needs.
Common sense flees most minds, leaving the clueless like sheep.
Minds unconscious, following the wolves lead.
Those who can’t think for their selves fall into trances unseen.
Only their soul seems to bleed the need for relief.
Protect your mind what’s seen can’t be unseen.
A photo tells a thousands words of what it wants you to think.
Look beyond the Forrest and you’ll see trees.
Look beneath the ocean  water and you’ll see another world beautiful beyond belief.
Energy unbottles, the miracles of life.
So positive or negative is a choice of strive.
Its always more to learn, so perceive the truth.
Widen your view and believe in you.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes