If time went backwards we would all just repeat our mistakes.

Seeing our errors and mishaps at a snail pace.

So why not move forward, instead of living in the past?

Embrace the opportunity to create something beautiful that could forever last.

Either you build in the present or regret what’s next.

It’s like the universe, sending fallen stars down to earth so it’ll reset.

Living on the wave, that brings in the tide of wonder.

Breathing life into those whose vibration has weakly sundered.

Through the cries of our aura, may epoch awaken within us please.

To become the purpose we were all made to be.

And move swiftly through life’s ups and downs, like an Angel ineffable wings.

Painting the clouds with stories of their spiritual missions that are oblivion to you and me.

Be true, eyes.

Be real, love.

Be quick, mind.

Peace & Love Always 🌷

By: J. Peters 🌼🌻


Hold Up

You know my words pour thick 

Like honey with a slow drip. 

Be I  jasmine, a flower, 

sweet on the nose and lips like a first kiss. 

I’d spray the world with my scent. 

Praying they’ll awaken from within

Praying once they’ve notice, they’ve been still waters, like a rain storm they’ll began. 

I can only wish ,

that they’ll help me flood the world with knowledge.

Properly lift up our ancestors and please the spirits of the forgotten. 

Let’s crown thee Earth of abundant Love. 

Finally we all shall listen to the wind whistle secrets in flawless melodies from the heated core up under the grass and bugs. 

Just like a heart broken Singer, sanging from their core (heart) about their tainted love. 

Yes let’s heal this world together !

Let’s build this world for better .
Peace&Love Always

By meee.  Jasmine



The ones who want to see you fall,
Are the ones the closest to you.
When you start to stand tall,
Giving  life your all,
Family and friends who have seen you crawl,
Can’t help but to pull your legs from beneath you.
For you to do great means that they are doing worse,
They can’t handle,
Coming from the same place, and watching you eat first.
They want to be needed they, want you to be the old you.
Seeing you grow shows them what they won’t do.
So self entitled are the ones who feel if they helped you,
You are indebt
with them, until they can fly too.
Remembering only the bad,  and claiming that they know you.
Be careful, because there is nothing that they won’t do.



Feeling like I’m running
on someone else’s time.
Living my dreams only when I close my eyes.
My feet never hits the ground ,
when I’m flying in the sky.
Dressed as a royal puppet , in a happy disguise.
When I dream, I dream big, reaching pass the stars.
On the stage, my life plays out
exposing my mental scars.
(peace&love always)

Pride v. HOPE


Everything seems so optional.
How can you say yes when there is always a better possible?
It’s like we all dream in scenes.
Loving each others movies better than our own it seems.
Some say the grass is always greener on the other side.
Others claim that it’s because it’s filled with more shit.
So the more you struggle the better your gift?
Or maybe another’s worry is another’s wish?
This can’t be it,
It just can’t be this.
Be wise heart…
Be sure love…
Be easy life…
Peace & Love Always 💋
By Jasmine aka Jnp

Soul Healer


You have got to awaken to the knowledge

that surrounds you and smothers your whispers with a tight grip.

You are NOT what people say you are,

You are your reaction to their false words…

You are NOT what people make you out to be …

You are what you do when others can’t see.

Be true world,

Be loved hearts,

Be full minds..

Peace & Love Always

By Jasmine…


They stay reaching,

hands bleeding,

arms stretched out with strained eyes begging.

They need you to help them up, they need a blessing.

While you’re helping them up, they slowly pull you down to the ground where they were just laying.

Hurt, ignored, humiliated,  and waiting.

You become aware of the trickery a moment too late.


The same way you fell will be the same way you rise, only with your own hands pushing away from the pavement now wise .

Dusting yourself off, you see the shock in their eyes.

You have fallen before so you know your way up without fearful cries.

They are the ones who will fall once again the same way they got up.

Point being..

Some hurt their selves helping others

Others hurt the ones that help them.

Deceitful with secret agendas and propaganda.

Know your worth and become more aware of

who deserves your time


who deserves your silence.


Drink from me

Knowledge, you see knowledge is power
It is the ability to move all with words that can build.
Feed wisdom to those who are lost or stuck in a standstill.
You have the capability to be more , so why accept less?
You can only know what you choose.
You can never choose what you know.
The knowledge is out there people.
Dressed in honey gold clothes, diamond glasses, titanium armor and shoes with crystal soles.
You can succeed,
You can conquer
You can grow
just believe.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Bad Karma


Guilty and knowing
You can only burn yourself twice before you learn a lesson.
They say bad karma will have you searching for a needle in a haystack.
Looking for the gain of nothing.
Sometimes its just the opposite of that.
Sometimes bad karma will have you searching for a hay stick in a needle pyramid
Tough, painful, and evej more pointless.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mi Yute


Fearless I used to be
Running through trees and diving in dry leaves.
Innocent, wild,
Daring , loud, and
Fearsome I have become,
Running from past shame,
No more climbing in trees that, poisonous spiders may claim .
Dry leaves hurt when your not a 45 pound 5 year old.
It s all so familiar, but
It just not the same…

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Forbidden is a mind that is free!
A mind that can see pass the envy and greed.
Forbidden is a little girls cries of hunger that can’t be fed with tainted truth and lies.
Forbidden is a man’s hopeful plead to succeed so that limitless heauxs will beg for his seed.
Forbidden is a mind that see’s through the deceivers dimly lit creaks. 
If you unbox your mind, you’ll own your truth.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes