On the Way


May the truth be the weight that anchors  you.

Holding you in place,  you’re the target long over due, for karma is on her way .

After the burning of many tossed handkerchiefs we send you on your way.

There’s no brighter way than today,  to spread the news you hate.

So hang your head in shame when hell reigns superior on your name.

Lie be damned at the hurt your deceit creates in the universe , causing one star to dim.

But you’re not powerful enough to kill the light God built from within.

So another lesson learned and another light to tune.

If I shall rest before sunsets,  then you shall rest at noon.

Be I the the final equation of the wraith that will have you doomed?

Be truthful, love .

Be thoughtful,  heart .

Be kind, words

Peace &love Always.

By: J . PETERS 🌹




You think they tell you everything?
When you ask for the truth is it what you wanted to hear or what you feared/expected to hear?
Doesn’t expectations get you what you wanted?!
Never rely on ones truth as your only belief, for it is their truth and no one elses.
Just as your truth is yours.
Are you always 100% honest with no exaggeration or left out details?
Truth is there is no right answer, no such thing as being real when pride keeps you from revealing your true self.
It hurts to feel so deep and even more to hide it.
Oscars to us all,
for the mask we as a society learn to wear in social settings to fit the status quo.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes