fukai surreal fantasy

♪ Going off as the time drops,

heart beating harder than the drums in the jungle huts.

Wind blowing light, as the sun slowly leaves us.

Eyes wide shut as the night begins to greet us.

Silent and dark like a wave pulling our feet up.

Living in a world where a dollar gets all our trust.

Where love only matters if we touch. ♪

by jasmine


Cloudy Visions

by xetobyte

Picture me flying

into the stars.

Picture me

guiding you, healing your scars.

Lost photos of our many flaws,

We keep the good ones over all.

Picture you flying

picture the stars,

picture the road you’ve taken thus far.

Wonder where you’ll be when all things take place.

Are you built for better or built for mistakes?

by: meeee… jasmine



In this lifetime its doesn’t matter whether you go first or last.
Because its not where you start from, its where you finish.
Pace yourselves dear ones.
Greatness comes from consistency, resilience, and passion.
From a thought that others could never imagine.
Its only worth it if you worked for it.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes