Wagon Wheels

I expect more, because i give without any limitations.

If you think that another can come close to me,

Then my dear, you have confused authenticity with mere imitation.

Like karaoke versus a concert.


Biking in The sands of Dubai versus Hollywood’s green screen desert.

The look doesn’t fulfill the desire.

You can’t fill up on fake, so you have to take on the life of a liar.

But keep in mind its all a choice.

Ride in the wagon or use your voice.



By: J. Peters



It only gets sweeter,

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Its the spoiling that makes it sweet,

So spoil me until I’m weak.

Paint the words of my soul, through your eyes, inspire.

For your perception of me, is the knowledge I desire.

Be i the black mamba to your heart so damn lethal igniting instant sparks.

Call it love at first sight, like star gazing from the planetarium at night.

They say you’re only as strong as your deepest scar.

And only as loving as your softest laugh.

Full love no halfs, lets take it further than to far.

So dear please be as gentle as a feathers touch and as strong as a monks oath of silence.

Because, it only gets sweeter.

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Follow my murmurs into an escapade of euphoric routes.

Be open, mind.

Be loving, words.

Be clear, eyes.

Peace & Love Always! 💋

By: J. Peters 🔥



Stop ◼
How you give love is how you should receive it.
Pause II
Love someone, offer your heart from your body,  blend your mind with their words, close your eyes to their picture, show  them their worth and vice verse…
Pause II
Always starts with sweet first words, those first moments are all that you have to live for. Love to show whats hidden beneath the barriers of an aching heart you can’t ignore…
Love always began dry, like the sunrays 
Play ▶
read from the bottom to the top
Peace and love Always
By me… jasmine



I surprise myself everytime I talk..
It’s like every wrong word replaces every right word I thought.
Verbally I either put my foot in my mouth or remain rudely mute.
There’s no escaping my truth ,
when all i see is lies.
So I send my prayers up high!
Hoping God will give me clear skies and  wings to fly.
By ..Me Jasmine


fukai surreal fantasy

♪ Going off as the time drops,

heart beating harder than the drums in the jungle huts.

Wind blowing light, as the sun slowly leaves us.

Eyes wide shut as the night begins to greet us.

Silent and dark like a wave pulling our feet up.

Living in a world where a dollar gets all our trust.

Where love only matters if we touch. ♪

by jasmine

Cloudy Visions

by xetobyte

Picture me flying

into the stars.

Picture me

guiding you, healing your scars.

Lost photos of our many flaws,

We keep the good ones over all.

Picture you flying

picture the stars,

picture the road you’ve taken thus far.

Wonder where you’ll be when all things take place.

Are you built for better or built for mistakes?

by: meeee… jasmine



In this world I’m  alone…
In this life I’m on my own…
Things just pile up on me and leave me feeling vamished and stoned.
I tire so easy from the constant day to day bull.
My focus seems to have dissolved into  lights that appear dull .
Bright ideas comes from daydreams of a better life.
I feel I do fit the description of a sadden poets spite.
Deep and dark…
Words written in blood from my heart.
Forever I lay in smoke
Inside my burning house
Smothering in flames
With no way out.

Soul Kiss


Its not meant for us to be around one another.
But i just can’t seem to breath,  when I imagine you with another.
So gentle is my thoughts of you, throughout the chaos of the day.
I want you to leave, but I need you to stay.
I just can’t define what’s hard to explain.
We have a complex love, that all would love to attain.
What they believe is what we lack.
Yet your absence seems to always call me back.
Our passion can burn snow, a fire so damn enviable.
Crazy thing is , we just can’t seem to sustain our love or end it at all.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



Penrose staircase paradox, leading up only to go back down.
Never ending,  reaching the top only to reach the bottom ground.
They say you’re closer than you were yesterday, then why do I feel further away?!
Walking backwards with my shoe strings untied, why bother to take a break?!
Living in an illusion where the day becomes night and the night brings day.
Hopelessly sleeping the day away.
A night owl to the darkness, forever I lie awake.
Can’t kill the time so I rather watch it and wait.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes



My transition has been beautiful,

at least to me..

from baby to girl

teen to young woman

I have come into my own understanding.

Now it is time to find my landing.

Flying above the clouds into the sun.

A new beginning has just begun.

May the past be my lesson and the future be my break.

Past anguish no longer holds any weight.

Copacetic love served not a day too late.

I rest assure knowing that time holds my fate.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes