Beyond the Body

Unconditional lover,
I drank your flaws and pour passion into your wounds so that you will heal.
Feeding you the very love that I sweat and fuse in my veins like honey in a flower and water in a cloud.

Within you I can be found.

I rain over your bad days so that you will blossom in May.

Be I the one who brings you sunlight and growth that helps you to sustain?.
Helping you to heal and rise stronger, wiser, and untamed..

I shall illuminate your scars so that I can show all and everyone,  your strength.

Gifting you with a truth that will hold your head and awaken your sixth sense.

Forever freeing your mind and erasing all vanities,

So that you can rest easy, without interruption from any enemies.

-rest assured ,

Be I the light,

Be I thorough,

Peace & Love Always





It almost feels weird to enjoy the simple things.
Like walking in the rain,
Sticking out your tongue to catch a snowflake.
Drawing hearts in the sand,
Figuring out the cloud shapes,
Stargazing at night,
Dancing in the sunflower fields,
Listening to the morning birds sing as the Sun rises.
A good kind of weird.
No a great kind.
To simply enjoy the moment,
No photos, no status updates.
The best moments are truly the ones were we forget our caution shells.
The moments we can never forget.
The moments our minds are the only document.
The moments that seemingly get better each time you try to explain it.
Yeah, to simply enjoy the moment.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes