Like water to a fish, my presence allows you to sustain.

Drink with me , lets converse about the constellations and what our future will bring.

A moth to my light , you’re forever drawn in, because my mystery is a puzzle you can’t solve.

Fore my mystery forever evolves.

Must i go on a journey that leads through dark forests and ethereal lands, just to make you wonder?

Like watching a man pump $2 dollars worth of gas, making us all sonder. Relatable being,

I can make you feel, in the depth of your loniest thoughts, your unconsciousness revealed.

I can fill that void that makes you doubt all you’ve been taught.

Reaching for the stsrs, lets find the things we have all sought.

For you I’ll bring peace to your woes and nourish your hunger with understanding.

Its not rude to be demanding if you’re reprimanding.

Ill eradicate your weary with a comfort that so heavenly your night won’t be spent miserably awake.

Come now, please come so that i can heal your soul and gift your life with a break..

Be wise, choice

Be woke, soul.

Be present, love.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋

By: J. Peters👑




This constant pounding in my head,

This constant pounding in my head.

Keeps me focused on words unsaid,

Keeps me focused on words unsaid.

The dread of tomorrows start

The dread of tomorrows start

Puts me in a place that is seemingly scarred.

Puts me in a place that is seemingly scarred.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Night Sipping


Tonight I’m going to sleep forever
Faded, someone please tell me tomorrows weather?
Shall i wear a raincoat, hoodie, or a sweater?
Like love , what you see depends solely on the seasons dither.
If you don’t appreciate what you have,
you’ll regret what you lost.
Never to late to began building at a bigger cost.
The night is young and the days seem so flawed. Sitting here watching the swirls of smoke smoothly escape my lungs, creating silver fog.
Huge glass round and tall
Slow sipping Revana purple red wine
drinking and thinking of things.
Only thing clear is the time.
It seems the presents past is today’s yesterday.
Yet tomorrow still awaits.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes