Like water to a fish, my presence allows you to sustain.

Drink with me , lets converse about the constellations and what our future will bring.

A moth to my light , you’re forever drawn in, because my mystery is a puzzle you can’t solve.

Fore my mystery forever evolves.

Must i go on a journey that leads through dark forests and ethereal lands, just to make you wonder?

Like watching a man pump $2 dollars worth of gas, making us all sonder. Relatable being,

I can make you feel, in the depth of your loniest thoughts, your unconsciousness revealed.

I can fill that void that makes you doubt all you’ve been taught.

Reaching for the stsrs, lets find the things we have all sought.

For you I’ll bring peace to your woes and nourish your hunger with understanding.

Its not rude to be demanding if you’re reprimanding.

Ill eradicate your weary with a comfort that so heavenly your night won’t be spent miserably awake.

Come now, please come so that i can heal your soul and gift your life with a break..

Be wise, choice

Be woke, soul.

Be present, love.

Peace & Love Always!! 💋

By: J. Peters👑


Self Reflection…

Why are we honest with our lies and truthful to our disguise?
Is painting over our blemishes our only conscious truth?
Our only proof that we are aware that our blemish exist?
Even our cries are heavily exaggerated and dimly written.
If we can’t face the mirror, what do we reflect?
Why do we all prefer holding the mirror towards others, rather than ourselves?
Questions that are forever unanswered.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes

Mind Over Matter


I guess you’re never really comfortable.
No matter the situation.
Comfort is only temporary,
There is always a bill, a cold, a break up, a make up, a new person, a new situation, old habits, new habits.
Comfort is your minds way of showing content with temporary satisfaction until a new test, a new lesson, a new eye opener presents itself to take you out of the routine you have been living day to day.

by jasmine aka beyond all eyes