The world moves at a speed that should make us all spin out.

Yet we stand still in time

Centered and leveled by our own will and our own ignorance to the laws of physics.

It’s amazing how little we understand until it becomes something to stress.

Very few know how photosynthesis work yet understand without it we’d lack life.

Or so they say, and so I type.

Peace & Love Always…💋

J. Peters 🃏


Last Days

I never do much ,

So I live for the next minute.

In my head too much, so my emotions are either delayed like a honey drip, foggy on a smokers tip, or too fast like field mice in places unkempt.

I’m not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of dying before I can get the chance to finally live.

Got a bucket list to finish, but my vanity tells me to diminish it before I can even attempt to envision it.

Where am I today but a buck away from a dream, a lie away from insane, a tear away from serene and a patch away from a scheme.

The untold truth is,

I’m still lost in my own head, making decisions based off what another said.

But I’m maturing enough to know,

I don’t have to crawl since I have more to be told.

I just have to listen so that I don’t lose what I need to be ahead.

But shall I rest, assure that my casket is filled with Agrimony, Angelica, Asphodel, and a mini black berry wreath.

Anise oil filled amulet around my neck with Egyptian Jasmines on my head with comfrey leaves.

An eternity of thinking, and a soul made for creation.

Be true, words.

Be easy, world.

& be strong, will.

Peace & Love Always!!💋



Isn’t it pretty,

The way we all hold each other together

We’re all like glue,

Sticky, messy, and stuck.

Though we may all try to separate our selves to build our own empire.

Together our kind of stuck gives us luck.

Like a toy built out of legos, together we’re bigger and tough….

That’s the point of our pain and frustration.

Love and expectations,

You see we are all parallel to one another destination.

Fated to know, learn and show.

Peace & Love


Happy New Year

So much more to come,

As we leave behind the things we can’t accept and bury the things that left us all unkept.

We move into this New Year with plans of a better time,

Views for a Greater life,

And lessons we learned to survive.

May your dreams be answered,

Your love be your strength, and your will be mastered.

To new beginnings, better endings and a love unmeasured.


Be honest, heart.

Be free, spirit.

Be kind, world.

Peace & Love Always 💋

J. Peters🦋


Move me like a pebble laying loosely at the bottom of the lake.

Making its way around and through dark places and lightened scapes.

I wish I could fly where no one could see me.

Not unless you need me or dream me.

I want to soar through the skys like an angel with love foreseen.

Like a bird flying its first flight.

High up and free,

Unchained from simple ways and wrongful games.

It’s not a ‘I don’t give a fuck about what you got to say’ mentality,

Because caring too much is the reason behind my strength & silence in all actuality.

It’s a ‘I’m secure in who I am so your words don’t control me’ commonality.

I’m not overconfident or unapproachable,

and yes rude comments and lies do bother me, only being factual

but just not enough to hurt me anymore..

I’m pass that kind of mad hatter, mad.

I know who I am, no matter what is said.

I will not allow any soul to try to make me into who and what i’m not.

Based off their own insecurities, closed mindedness, issues and malice plots.

I love ME, I know ME, & I am ME..

A bird with a damaged wing that can still fly untamed.

J. Peters 🕊🦋🕊

Authors note: Beauty

So powerful is a beauty that can mute the mind of men.

And turn women into envious, vain, and jealous friends.

So powerful is a beauty that can soften the heart of all and poison the minds of the strongest.

For just the desire of sexual expectations makes the mind wonder in most unexplainable places.

Beauty is wordless, sweet, and the most special art stroke from the Creator of all.

Beauty can be pleasuring to our eyes.

Beauty is in all things, made to catch an eye and make the harshest things seem worth it.

Like a beautiful rose covered in thorns, its painful to hold on too tight.

To painful to have more than one in your hands, demanding exclusive time.

Beauty is to be admired, not possessed, complimented not obsessed.

Beauty of the mind, soul, & body

Beauty of the world, nature, & hobbies.

Beauty is powerful..🦋

by J. Peters❤🦋

Livin’ On a Dollar and a Dream…

Broken, but I patch up my loose seams,
living on a dollar and a dream.
I wear my shoes till the soles have quarter size holes,
pride buried deep in my throat.
I feel the ground as I walk, it humbles me.
Beggars stand on corners begging for change, I oblige their pleas.
Who am I to tell them no, when i feel their pain?
Helpless, so helplessly dwelling in my own self pity and reverie schemes.
Fighting off demons that seep through the speaker of my phone, eyes wide shut yet seen.
Living on a dollar, while dreaming of bliss.
I can be more, i know this
better than i know the basics of a coin tossed wish.
I erase my struggle with every pen stroke.
Writing my story different , hanging from my family tree, while holding onto hope.
“I dont need you,” i say to myself, struggling with the rope I placed on myself.
Yet still they pull me up swiftly, they wont let me pretend.
“I dont need you,” i say again.
Knowing its a lie,
knowing without family ,
my life would be even harder than any would wish to know.
They stand beside me when it matters, they forgive my many flaws and faults.
So i forgive theirs, fore we are all standing on the edge of insanity.
We rather hold onto another, to soften the fall than to let go,
but like a bird i can only spread my wings if i jump.
So that i can soar, only to return home to build and water our tree stump.
Cant say that for the rest of the world,
ive met people who want to squeeze me till there’s nothing left.
Taking from me, while complimenting me, confusing my inner depths.
People who told me the ones i love don’t love me enough,
alienating my trust so that they can control my thoughts of love.
i acknowledged what they were to me, and had to separate myself in order to keep myself clean.
Only few know what its means to love without condition, only few have had that love.
The kind of love that comes with time, the kind of love that never hurts, but only heals wounds and fulfills your needs to be alive.
Yes, alive without the need of pain to feel something.
Living on a dollar and a dream.

Just to believe in something…

J. Peters🦋