Every end has a beginning.

Just as every loss has a win.

Love the life you live without pretend.

And live the truth you prey on from within.

To knock down a wall you have to first build it.

You can’t prosper if your focus is on another’s guilding.

You are what you do, not what you say.

You receive what you send out and what you have paved.

So be rich in heart and honest in soul.

Feel the ground as you walk so that your body will float.

Be real, fate.

Be humble, art.

Be strong, mind.

Love and light!

Peace & love always! πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters πŸ‘‘



Breathe life into us,

So that we can live through the hearts of many.

Live honestly, so that lies can’t build off of envy.

The world delivers to you the depth of the wisest meanings.

May we greet love with sober thoughts.

Lift veils with conscious words untaught.

May we all be pleased with our findings.

And conquer our struggles with our hustle and grinding.

Be loving, world.

Be true, thoughts.

Be real, eyes.

Peace & Love Always!

By: J. Peters πŸ€


It only gets sweeter,

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Its the spoiling that makes it sweet,

So spoil me until I’m weak.

Paint the words of my soul, through your eyes, inspire.

For your perception of me, is the knowledge I desire.

Be i the black mamba to your heart so damn lethal igniting instant sparks.

Call it love at first sight, like star gazing from the planetarium at night.

They say you’re only as strong as your deepest scar.

And only as loving as your softest laugh.

Full love no halfs, lets take it further than to far.

So dear please be as gentle as a feathers touch and as strong as a monks oath of silence.

Because, it only gets sweeter.

Like aged wine, old bread, and rotten fruit.

Follow my murmurs into an escapade of euphoric routes.

Be open, mind.

Be loving, words.

Be clear, eyes.

Peace & Love Always! πŸ’‹

By: J. Peters πŸ”₯



New Years,
Few hours before the clock ticks new,
The ball drops at the count of ten with a loud boom.
The world skips a beat and the children
Rest in bed.
Coco highs and henny tainted breath.
Mary Jane lighting up rooms and smothering who’s left.
New resolutions for better starts began,
though old obligations still hold your time thin.
New adventures begin,
Let your new path guide your conscious from within.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



The worst pain is the one you can’t see,
Burning tears that are muteΒ  and head bursting inner screams.
A pain that cuts you deep,
Puts your soul on bed rest and prevents your mind from sleep.
The brightest decisions comes from the darkest times.
The most beautiful diamonds come from the deadliest and darkest mines.
So sweet is bitter
And bitter is bleak.
Unique indifference leaves all weak but the growth is all we need.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

Lady in the Smoke


The grind
Ease my mind
Patience takes time
But does it have to move so slow. Looking behind me only reopens the wounds that have tortured my soul.
Another morning full of memories reaped while the present time sows newer needs.
Inhaling the past and exhaling the newest pleads.
Today brings the beginning of another you.
In the grey zone, its time I walk the path of few.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes



Your attitude defines you…
Not your clothes,
Not your shoes,
Not your hair,
Not your wealth,
Not your health,
Not your job,
Not your car,
Not your friends,
Not your family,
Not your companion,
Not your environment,
The vibe you give others is what defines who you are, where you’ll be, and what you’ll receive.
Learn to be kind, to love another regardless of what they do in life.
Its impossible for something to be truly impossible.
Everything seems impossible before someone does something to make it possible.
Self worth, and growth is a must in this society in order to have will power and humility. No boasting
Go gold and move forward.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes

One Night Only


Once upon a dream
I fell towards heavens gate.
They opened wide , a voice said calmly “your family awaits..”
As soon as I stepped forward
The light shines so bright,
They stood so far up the steps
I think only one flight, but
They told me to turn back
Its not my time
Without another word
I fell through the sky
Feeling the cold night weightless cries
A night of drifts off
Was it a dream or in my mind.
Peering out the window my mind slips on what ifs.
Up in the sky the stars are so bright , making me feel uplift
Just for the night
I think
Just for tonight.

by: jasmine aka beyondalleyes